About Us

  • WestPac

    • Construction is who we are and what we do.

    • We deliver industry-leading products for all construction professionals, both on Admitted and Excess Surplus Lines paper.

    • Company origins date back to 1918, and thus prove experience matters when producing insurance complex risks like construction.

    • Our professionals also provide ongoing construction insurance training for other insurance professionals, contractors, and financial institutions.

    • We successfully manage profitable programs in litigious construction defect environments.

    • Representing both the insurance and construction industries, we actively testify on state and federal legislative initiatives, further entrenching ourselves in the industries we live and breathe.

    • Simply put, our team knows insurance and knows construction.

  • Philosophies

    • WestPac and Virtus work FOR our Independent Agents and their trust must be EARNED This TRUST must be earned every day

    • Agency and Carrier RELATIONSHIPS deliver success for all parties.

    • We strive for SOLUTIONS, not declinations

    •  We are committed to PROFESSIONALISM

    • Product INNOVATION is crucial in ever-changing environments

    • Most importantly, our team members are FAMILY

  • Virtus

    • Understands RESPONSIVENESS is crucial to a strong retail/wholesale partnership.

    • As a local, INDEPENDENT wholesaler, we lead the pack in the consolidating wholesale insurance industry.

    • With a small company feel, we DELIVER superior products as if we were a national broker.

    • Commercial products and capabilities are BROAD, but our team maintains speciality knowledge in all segments.

    • Our staff is EXPERIENCED in binding, brokerage and program business.

    • We aim to give our retail partners the tools they need for them to SUCCESSFULLY deliver proposals to their customers.

    • We pick up the PHONE


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