WRAP Programs

Today's restrictive General Liability Insurance climate requires creativity when working with new construction developments. WestPac has the knowledge and experience to quote a WRAP for any construction project and would love to assist Independent Agents with their construction Developers/GC's.

Key Highlights:

  • Our carriers are recognized as industry leaders nationally
  • Residual and Commercial Projects Accepted Including Condominiums, Townhomes, "Tract" Homes, Single Family Custom Homes, Apartments, Commercial Retail/Office, Storage Facilities, Infrastructure, and Energy Projects
  • Multi-family projects are highly desired - most subcontractors have multi-family exclusions
  • Low minimum premiums
  • Various deductible/SIR options available
  • 12 to 48 month policy terms - options for the policy to respond to project "phases"
  • Rolling WRAP programs available
  • Integrated risk management partners for third party administration and QA/QC services
  • Pollution WRAP policies, Builder's Risk, and Excess Liability also available

Why Choose a WRAP?

  • Assured coverage for all subcontractors
  • One defense representation in the event of a loss
  • No fault allegations to be determined in the event of a loss
  • Common goals shared by all subcontractors - cooperative risk management, safety, and quality work
  • Completed Operations extended to statute of repose
  • Third Party Administrator services ease troublesome subcontractor contract coordination
  • Subcontractor premium recovery - Owner/Contractor doesn't need to cover the total premium cost

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