Virtus’ auto dealer program for used and non-franchised dealers is one of the strongest in our portfolio. With very low minimum premiums and strong coverage options, Virtus has the ability to write any number of auto dealer clients. We can find specialized coverage for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, buses, and much more. Virtus will consider auto auctions, consigned auto sales, tire dealers, and many more tough-to-place operations.

Program Details:

  • $750 minimum premium
  • Package policies available
  • Dealer open lot limit: Up to $5m per location / $250k per auto
  • New ventures accepted
  • Broadened coverage, false pretense, title e∓o, etc. available
  • Dedicated Underwriters who know and understand Garage forms
  • In-house binding markets that yield quick turnarounds
  • Brokerage markets to also handle the difficult accounts including those with large Open Lot losses from theft, wind or hail
  • Ability to issue Garage Package policies including General LIability, Property Garagekeepers and Dealers Open Lot

Eligible Operations:

  • Auto Auctions
  • Auto or Truck Dealer
  • Auto/Truck Brokers
  • Boat Dealer
  • Consigned Auto Sales
  • Equipment Dealers
  • Heavy Truck Dealers
  • Motorcycle Dealers
  • RV/Trailer Dealers

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