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| by Steve Brown05.14.2020
The Underwriters & Service Team of WestPac

WestPac has an amazing team working with our Brokers to provide reliable service to our agents. The Underwriters and the Service Team at WestPac do a wonderful job of leading our renewal book, servicing accounts, handling endorsements, and so much more to ensure a positive experience for all of our agency partners. With a diverse background of skills and experience, each member brings something unique to our company!


Bobbie Sagan - Senior Underwriter

Bobbie is a born and raised Chicagoan and attended Western Michigan University where she earned her degree in Communications and Spanish. While in school, she started coaching high school lacrosse and continued coaching for 12 years, including several high school varsity teams, local club programs, youth and private lessons. She didn’t feel like she had enough on her plate with her full time job and coaching, so she began officiating and designing/selling merchandise for a local lacrosse company.

In the midst of coaching private lessons, she used her networking skills and got her first Insurance job at a well known Chicago agency specializing in Lawyers Professional Liability and Cyber Liability. After living and working downtown for several years, Bobbie decided she would rather live near the Rocky Mountains so she found a job at an Agency in Denver, working on Executive Risk lines and she moved across the country. Shortly thereafter, she connected with WestPac and has been there ever since.

In her free time she enjoys playing with her dog Stewie, skiing, hiking and being in the mountains as much as possible.


Hunter Slaton - Underwriter

Originally hailing from NC - 1st in flight and 2nd in Super Bowl 50. Hunter graduated from Appalachian State University in 2015, where he majored in Risk Management & Insurance. Prior to joining WestPac in October 2019, he worked three years as an underwriter for a regional construction carrier in Raleigh, NC. After spending his college years in the Appalachian mountains, Hunter found the Rocky Mountains of Colorado an appealing destination for its scenery/activities. After gaining some experience, he put his resume to work and found a home at WestPac where he works as an Underwriter, assisting brokers on new and renewal business.

Outside of work, Hunter enjoys all things sports and will often annoy his girlfriend by watching sports highlights while she watches The Bachelor(ette).


Gabby Stegner - Account Manager

Gabby started her insurance career at WestPac in 2015 after she finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication.

She is currently an Account Manager for two books of business.

Gabby is a football mom and LOVES the Broncos. She is a fitness enthusiast and loves keeping her family active. Gabby is a Colorado Native who enjoys anything outdoors, especially fishing and sky watching. She hopes to continue her travels all around the world once things get back to normal.


Diane Stoner - Account Manager

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Diane came to her senses and graduated from the University of Michigan a few(!) years ago with a business degree. After several enjoyable years at Ford Motor Company, she got her fill of gray skies, mosquitoes, and Detroit’s gritty charm. She set her sights on Colorado and never looked back.

Since being in Colorado, Diane has worked in Marketing for multiple insurance firms. Having gotten her fill (again!) of trade shows, email open rates, and ad campaigns, she made a career change at WestPac and is now an Account Manager/Renewal Underwriter for 3 brokers’ books of business. She enjoys learning about all of WestPac’s new carrier partners and helping clients navigate the insurance waters.

Diane is a member of Douglas County Search and Rescue, where she and her 60 teammates help the sheriff’s office find and extricate lost or injured kids, hikers, ATVers, and at-risk adults in the urban and backcountry areas of Douglas County. When not at work, she should be practicing her knots, but is most likely baking something chocolate to foist onto her co-workers, if we ever get back to the office.


Jake Francis - Account Manager

Raised in the Denver metro area, a Thomas Jefferson High School alumni, Jake bounced around various sales jobs before pursuing his career in Insurance. Jake started at WestPac in June of 2018 at the front desk and now supports multiple books as an Account Manager.

Outside of work, Jake enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Katie, and son James. Jake is an avid snowboarder, and loves Broncos football.


Julia Lukyanenko - Sr. Account Assistant

Julia joined WestPac in 2019 as a Senior Account Assistant. Before joining the WestPac Team, Julia worked in the insurance industry for 7 years on the agency side.

When Julia is not at work she enjoys spending her time traveling, hiking, camping and spending most of her time outdoors. Julia’s favorite thing to do is spend her time with her fiancé and the 3 dogs that they share (Rocky, Cooper and Nugget).


Luann Goin - Account Assistant

Luann joined WestPac in June of 2015. After 40 years as an Electron Microscopist, (email her if you want to know what that is!) Luann jumped ship from health care to insurance industry.

Luann is account assistant for a team of (3) brokers. She handles binds, audits, endorsements, cancellations and a variety of miscellaneous tasks.

Outside of work, Luann likes to be outside gardening, hiking, and camping. She loves to read, sew and spend time with her six grandkids.


Jessica Ragusa - Account Assistant

Jessica was born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado, where she and her family still live today. She attended Metropolitan State University of Denver to study Fine Arts. She started at WestPac in 2017 as an Administrative Assistant, and now works as an Account Assistant servicing renewals, binding new business, processing endorsements and managing the Wrap Policies.

In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her family: husband Matt, and two kids Nikolai and Adeline. Paddle boarding, attending sporting events and concerts, camping, fishing, and (of course!) making art, are a few of Jessica’s favorite things. Jessica is the current (2019-2020) office Chili Champion!


Kaylyn Van Ackeren - Customer Service Representative

Born and raised right here in Colorado, Kaylyn takes much pride in being a native from the best state in the U.S.! Growing up in the outdoors, Kaylyn quickly discovered her passion for the environment and ventured off to Oregon State University for college, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science in 2012, with a focus on geology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Although the Pacific Northwest is beautiful and green, the amount of rain and lack of sunshine brought Kaylyn back to Colorado in 2013. Prior to joining the WestPac family in October 2019, Kaylyn worked in a variety of industries from financial planning to environmental water quality testing. However, the office culture and passion driven employees that make WestPac so unique is ultimately what led Kaylyn down a new career path in the insurance industry. As a Customer Service Representative, Kaylyn assists brokers and underwriters with delivery of quotes and bind requests, and corresponds with agents about their requests.

When not in the office, Kaylyn enjoys photography, hiking, fishing, frisbee golfing, and gardening. Her apartment is beginning to look like a jungle with houseplants and her dog is wondering if she’ll ever go back to work again because his nap time has significantly been reduced during quarantine. Her boyfriend is also wondering if sports will ever return so he can play fantasy football and not talk about buying more houseplants. I hope you and your family have been safe and healthy during this crazy time!


Ashley Gray - Claims Department

Ashley joined WestPac in 2010 and has held several roles over the years. She has run the Claims Department since 2015 and while nobody really ‘likes’ claims, she loves her position and enjoys working with both the adjuster side and agent side of each claim.

When not at work, Ashley enjoys doing anything outdoors with her family, whether that be playing catch, golfing, camping, fishing, or teaching her 7 year old how to shoot a bow and arrow. Her kids and husband keep her very busy and they are always on to their next adventure.


Office Update

Our offices will be closing at 12:00pm MST on Friday, May 15th. We want to thank our entire staff for their hard-work and dedication to our agents and partners during these difficult times.


Thursday Tidbits

All contractors face Environmental exposures in today's world, not to mention having to figure out how to safely work with COVID-19. Combined with increasing environmental pressures from State and Federal agencies including the EPA, many contractors realize the need to minimize their exposures for pollutant dangers to air, water, soil, and even bodily contamination. Spills and fumes resulting from accidental pipe, barrel or tank punctures, lead contamination in pre 1978 built homes, fire, explosion, storm, and vandalism incidents all put contractors at risk. Many of these exposures are uncontrollable or unpredictable, thus the need to Contractor’s Pollution Liability arises.

Some of the various types of Environmental classes we specialize in are below. Let us know how we can help!

• Asbestos Abatement Contractors

• Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

• COVID-19 Cleaning

• Fire/Water Restoration Contractors

• General Construction - Related Contractors

• Lead Abatement Contractors

• Mold Remediation

• Oil & Chemical Spill Cleanup

• Plumbing & HVAC Contractors

• Many More!


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