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| by Steve Brown06.23.2020
Risk Management and Artisan/Trade Contractors

In an ever challenging construction and building environment, WestPac saw an opportunity to better partner with our agents and integrate risk management services on top of our insurance product offerings. Our core specialty is, and will always be home builders, developers and trade contractors. We thus understand the construction industry's challenges with the risk transfer process, site safety, and general compliance. We also understand the adverse affect on our insureds and carriers when risk is not properly transferred. As a result, WestPac formed a new entity to solve all of these issues and provide our agents with the resources to tackle these challenges for their clients: Conquer Risk Management.

You can read more about Conquer below. We appreciate our agents' and carriers' continued support and are excited to offer Conquer's services in addition to our insurance products.

With a customer service minded approach, Conquer implements best practices to reduce your overall risk. Each customer is personally managed by a licensed insurance professional with a construction background, Construction Risk Insurance Specialist certification, and OSHA training. These professionals perform a complete suite of risk management services, from subcontractor insurance review and certificate compliance to document storage. Every business is unique though, which is why each risk management strategy is tailored to each organization. In the event we can't offer a service crucial to you, we have a network of strategic partners also committed to help you conquer risk.

WestPac Product Showcase:
Artisan/Trade Contractors

At WestPac, we have many options - both admitted and non-admitted - for your artisan and trade contractors. We have a vast array of accounts both in size and class, ranging from small carpenters and landscapers to large framing and roofing contractors to dirt movers. Be sure to check out our new, exclusive DirtPac program for excavation and grading contractors as well.

Artisan & Trade Classes:
• Carpentry - Interior
• Commercial Plumbing
• Concrete Construction
• Crane & Rigging Contractors
• Debris Removal Contractors
• Drywall Installation
• EIFS Contractors
• Electrical Work within Building
• Excavation
• Fence Erection
• Floor Covering Installation
• Framing
• Grading
• Gutters
• Interior Decorators
• Janitorial
• Landscape Gardening
• Lawn & Garden
• Painting Exterior/Interior
• Roofing
• Siding
• Stone & Tile Contractors
• Stucco Contractors
• Windows/Doors/Skylights
• Many More!

Program Highlights:
• Only AM Best A- and higher rated markets
• Minimum premiums as low as $750
• Admitted and E&S Options
• Underwriting authority granted to WestPac for most classes, yielding quick turnarounds
• Integrated industry partnerships available to assist the client with the risk management and risk transfer strategies

Coverage Options:
• Additional Insured for Ongoing and Completed Operations forms available on a blanket and scheduled basis
• Primary/Non-Contributory and Waiver of Subrogation available
• Per Project Aggregate
• 30 Day NOCs available
• Higher primary limits often available
• No ISO CG 2294 or similar exclusions for work performed by subcontractors
• Earth Movement/Subsidence offered by most markets
• No Super Montrose/Prior Acts Exclusion in most cases
• Umbrella/Excess, Inland Marine, Commercial Auto, and Workers’ Compensation options also available


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