About Western Pacific (WestPac)

With origins dating back to 1918, Western Pacific Insurance Network, Inc is the premier specialty wholesale insurance broker in the Rocky Mountain Region with products and programs that serve the construction industry.  Four generations of experience allow WestPac to serve Independent Agents and Brokers across the country with sound product and industry knowledge, professional integrity, and superior service that is trusted. We use these to our advantage to deliver unparalleled commercial solutions for independent agents and their contractor clients.

Our Philosophies

WestPac believes that we work FOR our Independent Agents and that having trust is not a right, it can only be EARNED. Each opportunity to work for our agents is never taken for granted trust must be earned every day. These philosophies are exemplified across the company, top to bottom, which allows us to build long-term relationships that create business opportunities for our retail clients and their customers.

WestPac In-Depth

  • Our people know insurance and they know construction.
  • We strive for solutions, rather than declinations.
  • We contract with both binding authority markets as well as brokerage markets to provide competitive products for the vast majority of construction professionals.
  • We partner with various homebuilder and trade contractor associations and have extensive experience managing association insurance programs.
  • Education is crucial to remain competitive. Our executives, underwriters, brokers, and support continuously engage in insurance and construction-insurance training.
  • Not only that, our professionals also provide ongoing construction insurance training for insurance professionals, contractors, and financial institutions through seminars, newsletters, and other various avenues.
  • Representing both the Construction and Insurance Industries, WestPac actively testifies on state and federal legislation, further ingraining us in the industries we serve.
  • Diversification is crucial in ever-changing marketplaces. Our response? Virtus Underwriting Group.